A City of Memories

Typographic Installations


Cities are full of hidden stories, secrets and memories. We constantly pass through spaces everyday that hold treasured memories for those around us. A City of Memories draws upon the emotional connections we create with specific places around the city to create a unique collection of stories about Wellington’s public spaces.

Placing the memories back into the spaces they occurred allows the meaning of the words and their legibility to be influenced by their surroundings. By presenting the memories as living parts of our environment, the installations became an archive of moments that portray and celebrate our shared experiences of modern life. A City of Memories allowed viewers to discover a layer of narrative that glimmers beneath each and every place in the city. 

These typographic installations were designed to be temporary, slowly changing and disappearing over time just like our memories. 


It's a matter of perspective


"As I sat on the swing starring at the city sprawled out beneath me I realised my relative insignificance in comparison to the big wide world. Meanwhile, I knew the befriended traveller next to me, who had seen and experienced the world, was thinking about how small Wellington is."

It's a matter of perspective 01.jpg
It's a matter of perspective 02.jpg



"We were walking back to my friend's house one evening and along the way she bought a pie. As we got to the doorway of her apartment she stopped, turned, and gave her pie to a homeless man who was always there every weekend. It was so considerate and unexpected, I always remember it whenever I walk past, especially if I see him sitting there too."


A piece of home


"When I first moved to Wellington I would go sit at Oriental Bay whenever I felt homesick. Knowing the sand was from Golden Bay made me feel closer to home."

A piece of home 01.jpg
A piece of home_02.jpg