Pander to the Public

Adobe Creative Jams

Rhianna worked on this project in collaboration with Tiffany Butler.


Pander is a spoof of the popular dating app Tinder. Aimed at encouraging young people to vote in the upcoming New Zealand elections, Pander helps users discover which political party best aligns with their personal values. 

Political campaigns are made up of politicians pandering to the general public to gain their vote. The app takes this idea and turns it on its head, presenting what is often considered high-brow politics in an engaging, fun and humorous way. 

Pander builds upon a user experience that is already familiar to young adults. Through swiping left or right, users are able to breakdown the complexities of policies into digestible content. Background notifications will keep key dates at the users finger-tips and help direct them to their nearest voting-poll on the big day.

Pander hopes to start conversations among social groups and empower young citizens to engage in the political landscape around them.